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The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for services in areas including student admissions, registration, student academic records management, curriculum management, course enrollment, enhancement of teaching ability and excitation of students’ learning capability. The office also handle international cooperation and international student recruit business.

The Office of Academic Affairs is organized into the following divisions and centers: Division of General Academic Affairs, Center for Teaching and Learning, Center for General Education, and International and Cross-Strait Affairs Center.

As the administrative performance of the office is highly related to the quality of the University, the office members will commit themselves with enthusiam and integrity to provide the students and faculties with highest services and to continuously improve the academic quality, thus achieving everlasting improvement.

The Dean of Academic Affairs

The Dean of Academic Affairs coordinates all academic activities. The Dean’s office also organizes meetings with other academic divisions and departments.

Division of General Academic Affairs

This division is responsible for business pertaining to student registration and curriculum.

For registration section, the service includes: grades, degrees, transcripts, course changes and course waivers, inter-school credit transfer. It is also responsible for students’ registration and academic records management.

For curriculum section, the service includes: curriculum and curriculum planning, course selection, course syllabus, examinations, selective course credits calculation, class suspension/substitute/make-up on faculty member on-leave, teaching hours calculation, teaching feedback.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The main mission of Center for Teaching and Learning is to assist faculty to reinforce their teaching professions. To reach this ultimate goal, the Center offers various seminars and workshops to strengthen faculty’s capacities and make their teaching effective. Moreover, a well-developed teaching assessment mechanism is used to ensure the teaching qualities.


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